Reborn near an ex-industrial site in Italy, Monokol was inspired by the geometric and squared lines of skeletal structure of dismissed sheds. These place that was used for the industrial production of glass in the 1960, it’s now qualified as an architecture heritage, in the 2016 the company founders decided to establish headquarters in this ancestral area.


In the beginning, there was just the name based on the monocle, an optic accessory born in the XVIII century which fixed in only one eye orbit, improved the optic vision.

In the XXI century it became an eccentric accessory used by Aristocratic and Dandies as synonymous of elite and elegance. From then the idea to use an idiom that could recall the image of this ancient object, after several researches, Co-founders decided to call the brand, “Monokol”.


The Brand Philosophy is inspired by contemporary lifestyle evolution, we try to interprets the world’s fashion changes searching a chameleon style, studying design and traditions, looking towards the future. 

Our vision “to see” eyewear not only as a fine design object but as a concept, an idea and a way of thinking. The style project begins from a line or a point in space, which is then transformed and molded to create a product that makes the wearer feel something more, than wearing just a simple eyewear. Who wears Monokol, wears a way of life, thinks and sees out of the ordinary.

“The glasses we wear say a lot about who we are.“